Rural Business

The range and diversity of businesses in our area is a strength but we know rural enterprises need support to get started, to create better employment opportunities, and to increase productivity. We want to contribute to the long-term sustainability of enterprises in all sectors but have identified the food and drink and creative sectors for particular support.

Types of projects we want to fund:

Enterprise Hubs – Creative and Innovation Workspace. Projects to create new sustainable, affordable workspaces in rural communities alongside the opportunity to make connections and share resources and services.

Enterprise Innovation. Projects to help individual enterprises, sole traders or groups of businesses make an innovative ‘step-change’, to increase productivity and the long-term sustainability of their business.

Business start-ups. Support for new entrants into business and farm diversification.

We have also identified specific sectors for support and will call for projects in 2016 from the:

Food and Drink Sector – a project to strengthen the local food supply chain and links between producers and markets at home and overseas.

Creative Sector – a project to grow the marketplace for art and craft products through their promotion and distribution to new markets at home and overseas.

LAG Priority

Encourage enterprise and growth, Encourage collaboration and cooperative working

Leader Priority

Support for micro and small enterprises and farm diversification

Funding Available

Minimum grant approximately £5,000 Maximum grant approximately £140,000 to cover a maximum 40% of the project’s eligible costs.  Grants of between 60% and 75% may be available for non-profit making operations.

Who Can Apply?

All types of business can apply, including social enterprises, rural based micro and small businesses, people who want to start a business in a rural area that will employ people and / or farm businesses that want to diversify.

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