These grants area all about improving the overall performance and sustainability of your agricultural holding with a focus on low cost innovations to enhance productivity across the sector. 

Types of projects we want to fund

Processing primary agricultural produce to add value. Projects to process agricultural products on farm or close-by that add value to the products and are likely to have a larger impact on sector as a whole.

Applications for projects to improve the overall performance and sustainability of an agricultural holding. improving animal health and welfare and reservoirs and irrigation are now closed to new Expressions of Interest.  Alternative funds are available from the Countryside Productivity Scheme.

Do you have a Farm Diversification Project? 

LAG Priority

Encourage enterprise and growth, Encourage collaboration and cooperative working

Leader Priority

Support for increasing farm productivity

Funding Available

Average grants will typically be within the range of £5,000 and £40,000. Maximum grant rate 40% of the project’s eligible costs.  Higher grant rates could be offered in exceptional circumstances where significant outcomes will be generated.

Who Can Apply?

Farmers or groups of farmers, landowners, processing businesses.

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