What We Fund

LEADER projects are innovative, diverse and wide ranging and bring tangible benefits to rural communities and businesses. However they must fit into one of the six national LEADER priorities and demonstrate how they contribute to the local economy before they can be approved.

“We will work with individuals, micro and small businesses and community organisations that are looking to make a ‘step-change’ in their sector, organisation or rural community. We will support projects that can demonstrate innovation and sustainability, understanding that funding cannot be awarded to continue ‘standard practice’. Given that the large proportion of the LAG area is designated as a part of a World Heritage Site and AONB, we also recognise the priorities of the Green and Blue Economy in our plans. We wish to maximise value across the whole economy providing jobs and growth in harmony with the area’s exceptionally high quality environment.” Local Development Strategy 2014

Find out more about our Local Priorities at our Programme of Activity. The Local Action group reviews this every year.

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