Project hints & tips: Applying for a tourism accommodation grant

by Sarah Harbige,  Dorset LEADER Programme Manager

Funding for tourist accommodation projects is low priority for Southern Dorset LAG. As a result there are more hoops to jump through to be considered eligible for our support:

We are often asked what you should think about to help make your project a higher priority. Ask yourself:

  • Can my project show strong economic benefits? – that is does it create year round, high quality employment (at least 1FTE for every £25K of funding and increase GVA by 5% per annum
  • Are my proposed accommodation units of sufficient quality?
  • Is there demand for additional accommodation in my locality and will the the impact on my competition be low?
  • Is LEADER funding really my last resort? – I have exhausted all other possibilities.

The project also needs to ensure that it does not create second homes. It would also be a stronger fit with our local priorities if it supported tourism sector growth in inland areas.

Any questions: contact James (01305 225525) to talk through your project in more detail or come along to our next roadshow.