Is your project eligible?

lymeboats1Check your project idea against this summary of criteria to see if your project could be eligible for LEADER funding from the Southern Dorset Local Action Group. If you think the project could be eligible contact the Programme Team to discuss your idea.

About you:

  • Location: The project is based in the LAG area. See a map of the eligible area. 
  • Type of business: Most people or businesses can apply. You could be a private, public or voluntary organisation or someone who wants to start a business. You must be a ‘legal entity ‘and be able to sign a legally binding contract.
  • Size of business: Grant amounts and eligibility will depend on the size of the business but for most businesses will be fewer than 50 employees and a turnover of less than €10 million.
  • Other public funding: If you have already received public funding you must declare what you have received when you apply. You may not qualify for some grants if you have received more that €200,000 of funding in the past 3 years.

About the project:

  • Project Activity: The activity must take place within one or more of the LEADER priority areas.
    • increase farm productivity
    • support micro and small enterprises and farm diversification
    • increase forestry productivity
    • provide rural services e.g. community facilities, rural transport
    • boost rural tourism
    • provide cultural and heritage activities
  • Local Priorities: The project should meet local need as identified in the Local Development Strategy. See What we Fund for more information.
  • Economic benefit: The project must create jobs, help a rural business to grow or support the rural economy
  • Innovation: The project should be innovative – LEADER cannot fund standard activity or fund like for like, replacement equipment.
  • Time: The project must not have started yet and should finish before June 2019.

Ineligible Costs: LEADER will fund mostly capital items.  The scope of the programme is very wide, so it’s impossible to give a list of the all the items that may not be eligible for funding. Ineligible items include:

  • costs for standard agricultural equipment and inputs, like animals and annual crops,
  • costs of getting any consents needed, for example planning permission,
  • costs that are incurred before the date of the offer letter,
  • financial charges, such as interest, fines and maintenance, reclaimable VAT and
  • salaries and running costs for commercial business applicants.

More eligibility criteria are available in the LEADER Applicant Handbook. We advise you to talk to someone in the programme team to establish if the items you want to fund are eligible.